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Fork CMS 使用十分简单,注重用户体验,蕴藏博客、问答、表格等模块,适合于建立小型商业网站而且被委托人博客,目前官方还未发布简体中文语言包,在后台可不不能 十分方便地自行制作语言包。

Fork CMS 3.4.0 发布,该版本升级了第三方库,修复了 mailmotor、analytics、shareplugin 和 pages 的 bug,引入某些新的传递数据到 JavaScript 的妙招。

Fork CMS v3.4.4 changes:


* Location: Fixed location widget. When debug = false, google wasn't loaded correctly. Thx to siesqo

* Users: User can't change its own rights when not allowed to view the index.

* Core: Upgraded Highcharts to 2.3.2

* Core: Upgraded CKFinder to 2.3.0

* Formbuilder: added API-methods.

* FAQ: Setting for "one category" added, so user only has 1 category in the website + the category title is hidden in the frontend (for smaller websites).

* Core: removed ini_set's. Let the server handle this.


* Mailer: The names are now decoded, so bugs with apostrofs in names are fixed. Thx to siesqo

* Analytics: all calls now require an API key as is described in the migration to Gdata v2.4 on

* Themes: templates extras_data from other languages was overwritten.

* Themes: incorrect block index was set when deleting a position causing all default blocks to be unlinked.

* Core: exceptions were not displayed on CLI when SPOON_DEBUG was off. A minimal debug message was added.

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